Below is a FAQ guide for our customers. If you cannot find a solution to your issue, please go to the feedback page and send us a message outlining the problem. You may also contact us for help by email support@appitalism.com .
Q: How do I download an item?
A: Browse the store to find the item of your choice. The App Store presents only items compatible for your handset, so you are guaranteed the items you go to buy and able to work on your phone. Select the "BUY" button and the download will begin automatically. Follow the onscreen instructions and once download is completed the item will be available on your handset.
Q: What if I lose network coverage when I am downloading an item?
A: If you cannot finish downloading an item for any reasons like loss of network coverage, you can go to my downloads page to restart the download.
Q: What happens if I change phone, or sim card?
A: The items you purchase are locked to the phone they were downloaded on. If you change phones, items purchased on your other handset cannot be transferred to your new phone. Furthermore, they are independent of the sim card, so they will remain on the phone even if you change sims.
Q: What if I accidentally delete the item from my handset?
A: If the item is mistakenly deleted from your phone, go to the App Store and select My Downloads. Here you can download the item again up to five occasions.
Q: If I have any issues, who can I contact?
A: Navigate to the Feedback link and enter your details and describe your issue. You will receive a response to your issue from our help and support team.